What is Remy Martin Producers Series? Track by Big Sean, Curated by DJ Mustard, Produced by you


Meet the producers, listen to beats, and follow Big Sean & Mustard on their search for the next superproducer.

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What is the Rémy Martin Producers Series?

The co-sign is a seal of approval given to a lesser known artist by an established artist who is willing to share their success. This gives the up-and-coming artist a chance to take their career to the next level. So this year, Remy Martin is launching the Producers Series, Season 5: The Co-sign.

Music producers across the country will have the career-making opportunity of a lifetime - a chance to compete for the co-sign from Big Sean & Mustard and produce a track with them. To win, producers must submit their best beat, showcase their skills to a panel of respected judges, and survive a series of elimination rounds. Only one producer will receive the coveted co-sign that could change everything. Do you have what it takes?

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